David-Leslie Photography



I am in love with the beauty of women. They can seem so beautiful to me that it takes my breath and makes me humble. It has always been a complication in my life and I know that this will never change. Always when I have photographed some-one special, they leave a pain in my heart that they will go from me and I will become an unimportant memory and might never see them again.

In my head I have a love affair with each one of course. I drink in her beauty, always I marvel at the softness of her skin, the curves of her body, I listen to her voice and the intimate secrets shared just once while we are both unguarded.... then she will go away, back to her life, a beautiful stranger and leave me with just memories of this heaven on earth.... and of course, my precious photographs.

Sharing these photographs with people who will appreciate them is important to me, even though I don't quite know the reason why.

The beauty of a woman I adore.... the sensuous shapes.... the seductive shadows.... the shattering eye contact that carries the promise of intimicy, even love.... or is it just a delightful giggling tease? But her beauty for me is at its most intense when she is captured and tied, naked and vulnerable. That is when her power and beauty render me as the helpless victim. Once again, I don't understand how and I certainly don't know why.

I have been lucky enough to make pictures with some very beautiful girls and women and though each one is unique, they nevertheless all seem to share several wonderous qualities....

.... enchanting femininity, an irresistable sexual power, an exquisite vulnerability, their breathtaking trust in me and my motives and most of all, nature's undeniable physical beauty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am sure that every man and woman has differing perceptions of beauty. Thank goodness for that! I can only show you my work so far and hope that you will be interested.

So then, look at my galleries and if you find just one image that pleases you, my heart will be lifted.